"A refreshing medicinal musical experience...Tyler Herring is a must hear for any ear connected to an old soul."

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  Born in New Orleans, raised in Asheville NC, Tyler Herring has created a Blues-Appalachia fusion unique to the music scene. Playing over ten instruments, this sonic sculptor seamlessly weaves the newest sounds with the oldest instruments on the planet. Utilizing technology from loop pedals to his iPad... Herring genuinely builds soundscapes that are sure to reach beyond the ears.

"I've always been drawn to the sounds of the old... music rooted in spirit, songs that build community... words that ignite thought & vibrations that resonate with the soul. This is the music I strive to create. It wasn't until attending Full Sail University in 2007 that I grew to authentically grasp the technology enough to see the real potential it held. Having literally any sound I could imagine at the tips of my fingers while incorporating the organic tones that originally attracted me to play music... became a concept I was consumed with fascination about. Since the beginning of mankind, music has been a bridge that transcends language and culture & a medicine for illnesses. The fact that frequencies can literally change matter, in this time of major shifts on the planet, makes the possibility of healing through music that is rooted in truth and love... astronomically powerful." 

Tyler began his musical journey in 2006 when receiving his first acoustic guitar shortly after graduating high school. Being raised on a cocktail of legends from the crescent city, Herring built a solid foundation onto which he would then incorporate themes from influences stemming from other musical veins such as Xavier Rudd, John Butler, Rising Appalachia, Andy McKee, and Erik Mongrain. From an instrumental piece with a single acoustic guitar to a ten piece one man orchestra, Tyler is radically redefining performance. Touring thousands of miles across the United States and appearing on television and radio... Tyler Herring is quickly becoming a sound contagious to all it touches. 

"My roots are filled with a plethora of talented musicians, so it has always been in my blood. I found I got bored very quickly with the four chords I first knew on the guitar. Thankfully it was this built in craving for unique sound that led me to the breakthrough of open tuning and the idea of hooking an iPad up to a loop pedal. Imagination is just as important as talent. I want to create an experience that connects people to their truth, each other, and the earth. Put simply by one of the greatest poets of history... "when two violins are placed in a room, if a chord on one violin is struck, the other violin will sound the note...if this is your definition of hope...this is for you"  


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